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Kings Cross Station

King’s Cross Station

Project Overview

A £500m scheme to restore and improve the 160-year old Grade-I listed train station.

Kings Cross Station

Narford Scaffolding was a key supplier and provided the bespoke scaffolding rig to allow the refurbishment of the main station’s two barrel-shaped roofs.

  • Rolling temporary roofs over the main train sheds
  • Extensive scaffolding for glazing replacement
  • Platform and façade scaffolding to main station areas and internal concourse

Scaffolding Challenges

King's Cross Station ScaffoldingThe rolling roof was constructed in a UBIX roof system due to the site constraints. This was the largest rolling roof of its kind in the Europe at the time of construction.

Working with heritage infrastructure necessitated that great care had to be taken.

Works were carried out 24hrs a day which allowed the more sensitive parts of the operation to be conducted during quiet times.

Designs had to be adapted and changed many times to suit particular loadings and station assets that had to be built / considered.

Narford Project Manager’s Report

King's Cross Rail Station ScaffoldingThe most crucial element to my involvement was placing the correct staff, with suitable skill levels for this sensitive environment. We had a significant recruitment period due to the short notice demands from our client. This led to 140+ personnel on site continuously.

Given the accelerated period of the erection and the dismantle, the mass of personnel and the acutely sensitive working environment, there were no major HSE incidents from such an intense scope of works.