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Scaffolding at Thetford Academy

Thetford Academy

Project Overview

Scaffolding design and installation for work carried out at the Thetford Academy.

Scaffolding at Thetford AcademyThe Academy is in the process of building a new Sportshall & Changing Rooms, a new Main Block and a new Kitchen & Dining facility.

Construction work at the Academy during 2012 and 2013 has required extensive amounts of Scaffolding.



Thetford Academy Scaffolding Design DrawingsThis was a large and complex project.

Narford Scaffolding provided detailed design and calculation work to ensure compliance with TG20:80 guidelines.



Scaffodling inside Water Flume Centre, Skegess

Butlins Skegness

Project Overview

Works on the Butlins Holiday Facility in Skegness to improve the swimming pool and fun complex

Butlins Holiday Facility, SkegnessInitial project entailed building a birdcage to the internal of Main Pool Area, with additional works commissioned.

  • Birdcage to external scaffold and envirowrapping volcano for sealed onsite fibreglassing works
  • This then led to birdcage into water flume Tower Hall to allow for airconditioning works
  • Continued works on site, led to full refurbishment of complex

Scaffolding Challenges

Butlins Water Park Scaffold PlanStringent timescales for such a large amount of scaffolding.

Challenges included:

  • Working with other trades in same area
  • Design of a hanging scaffold in addition to the existing scaffold to allow utilisation by other trades.

Narford Project Manager’s Report

Scaffodling inside Water Flume Centre, Skegess

We used vast amounts of hanging scaffolds to ensure sleek operations by all trades involved.

This project meant we had a major interface with other trades during both the erection and dismantle of this scaffold project. This involved many inter-contractual liaisons.